Assembly and Pre-Delivery

Correct assembly and pre delivery are essential for the satisfactory performance and long term reliability of the Vehicles.

SX power puts particular emphasis on performing these services in our own workshops, our experienced team ensures all components and controls are operating correctly, all oils and greases are changed to a high quality local product and the unit is then finally road tested.

Products supplied boxed are normally 80 - 90% assembled. Final assembly and servicing need to be carried out by a suitably qualified person or mechanic. All oils, bolts, nuts and adjusters need to be checked prior to use. (Boxed products are supplied with running-in oils. Oil change is required within 100 klms  or 10 hours of use).

Spare Parts

SX Power holds a stock of virtually every part for all our products from a range of filters, brake pads, cables etc. to major components. Normally most parts are delivered within 48 hours.

The pricing of the majority of Spare Parts for SX Products is in many cases 50% or less than comparable competitors machines.

SErvicing and warranty

All Southern Cross Distributors products carry various warranties from 6 to 24 months. (Details are listed on the individual product information).

If a warranty issue arises, we can be be contacted directly by phone at 1300 66 88 35. Once the warranty issue has been approved, parts are forwarded at our cost. (Proof of regular maintenance/servicing may be required).

The long term reliability of your machine depends on regular maintenance/service and must be carried out as per the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual.

If any additional information is required in relation to assembly etc., please contact us on 1300 88 66 35.