Southern Cross Distributors (SX Power) are part of a Parent Company operating since 1974 involved mainly in the sale and servicing of Motor Vehicles, Trucks and Farm Equipment. The principals of the company have also operated a large sheep and cattle property in North Western NSW and the South Coast for the past 30 plus years.

Over this time having been involved with on Farm 4×4 vehicles we are very aware of the requirements of the man on the land for these types of equipment.

Over the past few years the price of UTV vehicles has increased dramatically, the unreliability and quality of most imported units other than the pricey Japanese makes has left few alternatives.


Since 2005, our company has been endeavouring to source and develop a viable replacement that can match the popular brands. 

Quality, reliability, service and parts availability, but at a realistic price.

After many factory visits evaluating and testing of samples (as well as many disappointments) we have joined with a number of major Chinese manufacturers whose quality was well above the standard from other suppliers, but needed some changes and improvements for our market. We have worked with our partners continuously to produce products that we are confident will maintain our standards in quality and affordability.